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A Collaboration Workbook

Now available to read online!

Over a two year period, the six Heart of Brooklyn (HOB) cultural institutions designed, pilot tested, and evaluated a process for conceiving and implementing collaborative programs that address community needs. This “Collaboration Workbook” distills what was learned, in hopes of advancing the field’s understanding of how dissimilar cultural institutions that share the same community can find common ground and build an organic and robust approach to collaboration. Click here to read it online now!

Building Strong Community Networks

BSCN is an action-research project exploring how cultural institutions can collectively diagnose and respond to community needs. Over two years, BSCN will develop and design a process model for conceiving and implementing collaborative programs.

Community Needs,
Collective Responses

A National Seminar on Collaboration in the Heart of Brooklyn and Beyond

On Monday, February 11, 2013, Heart of Brooklyn hosted a day-long seminar on collaborative programming at Brooklyn Museum. The seminar focused on the process model for collaboration we've been developing over the past year as part of our Building Strong Community Networks project. National Advisors attended and provided critical feedback on what parts of our process are helpful, interesting, and replicable. Working Group members presented case studies of exemplary collaborations from around the country. Stay tuned for a full report!

Who's who?

Check out our People page to see who is helping initiate our action-research project!

What enables meaningful collaboration between cultural institutions and their communities?

Building Strong Community Networks (BSCN), is a two-year action-research project aimed at diagnosing and responding creatively to community needs through collaboration. BSCN is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and The Rockefeller Foundation. This work builds on a National Leadership Planning Grant from the IMLS completed in 2011. The six Heart of Brooklyn (HOB) cultural institutions will develop new methods of listening to, and learning about, the Brooklyn community, and will design and implement a process for conceiving and implementing collaborative programs that address community needs. While our project is focused on Brooklyn institutions and stakeholders, it is our intent that HOB’s efforts will ultimately transcend place and benefit the entire field. This project also engages satellite cities—Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia—to serve as test beds for the project processes and deliverables. The project partners view this is an essential step toward building a national community of practice.